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The Bridge: A Diverse Family of Christ-Followers

Step into The Bridge--an international church that extends its arms to people of all backgrounds and cultures. You'll find an inclusive community filled with God's love that can nurture your unique gifts, empower you for impact, and extend care to the vulnerable, both in Paris and across the world. We embrace everyone from devoted believers to those exploring faith.

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Small Groups

Discover Connection and Community in Our Small Groups!

In the bustling Paris area, we understand that it’s easy to feel isolated. That’s why we’ve created a network of over a dozen small groups, each designed to bring people together and create mini-communities within our church family.

Whether you’re looking to connect with others in your age group, share life with those in your neighborhood, or explore common interests, our small groups provide the perfect avenue for genuine connections.

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At The Bridge, we believe that a strong foundation of faith can be built from a young age. That’s why we’ve created BridgeKids – a vibrant and engaging environment where children can explore and learn about God in ways that resonate with their age groups.

Our dedicated team of volunteers is committed to creating a nurturing space for kids to grow spiritually and develop a deep connection with God. We offer three classes that cater to different age ranges: 0-2, 3-6, and 7-11. On Family Sundays, children join the main worship service to hear a special message tailored just for them. 


Navigating the path of faith as a young person in France can pose unique challenges. At The Bridge, our commitment is to provide consistent opportunities for teens to gather and talk about their spiritual journeys. 
We have gatherings every Sunday, a bi-weekly Deep End  Bible study, and at least two yearly retreats. Our Youth Pastor, David Pambakian, brings years of experience with youth to create an open and non-judgmental atmosphere for our teens to explore the questions they have about life and faith.


The Bridge wants to impact its community and the world. At our office in Nanterre, we offer everything from language courses to clothes giveaways. We have a regular ministry in that city’s homeless shelter as well.
We also care about places who have never heard the Good News about Jesus, so we’ve built a partnership in North Africa and take yearly trips there.
Come join us in spreading Christ’s Kingdom in the Paris area and around the world.


From numerous small groups to Praise and Prayer Nights, from language classes to Saturday seminars, The Bridge has something for everyone most days of every month. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and follow us on Instagram to stay informed. We’d love to have you join us as often as you can!

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Come worship with us every Sunday at 11 a.m

We're just a short walk from the RER-A Rueil-Malmaison stop.