What’s on your mind?

Dave shared this last weekend (listen here) about what Jesus might post as his Status Updates if he were a Facebook friend. What if you could have a running log of what your attention is on through the day? Would it look like a bowl of spaghetti? Would there be order & logic? How much would be focused on you? on others? on God?

As we continue this 21 day “Awakening Challenge” (click here to join us) I am thinking about what fasting does. It strips away one of the things that comfort us. When I become uncomfortable physically, my thoughts become fuzzy at first, then slowly become focused. Sharper. My inner life grows clearer when my focus is on God. I start by saying, “God this doesn’t feel good, but I’m doing it to be closer to you.” Then He begins to work in me. He clears out the junk. I find that my mind can jump back & forth between 10 different things normally, but when I fast, focusing on prayer and Bible reading, my thoughts eventually become more focused. In the same way that my physical body eventually quiets its protest (early on drinking lots of water is about the only way I get by!) and feels energized… my mind also comes around… my spirit & my will become more fully obedient to Jesus. I sense more clearly the things that He is saying to my heart– about my purpose & priorities, about people around me, about the difference that He wants to make in our world. It’s a good place. Not always easy, but good.

Have you accepted the challenge to pray, read and fast this month? Join us & feel free to share your comments here.

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