The Prodigal Son

Sometimes it’s good to go back to something you read or heard and just remind yourself of the key truths. Here are some of the key points from Sunday

Why did Jesus tell parables?

  • Embodied truth – profound truths are captured in everyday stories that make the truth real in your imagination
  • Emotional truth – you then identify with those in the story and often feel the emotions they may have been feeling.
  • Truth discovery – you make a pilgrimage into truth, rather than just accepting a ‘truth package’ from someone else. Because of this you are more likely to ‘own’ that truth as part of your view of the world.
  • Truth remembered – the stories often have a poetical lilt or gentle story structure. You remember them for years.

The son, who had in effect wished his father dead returns from his experience of utter desolation – no money, feeding unclean animals, humbled but with his heart set towards home.  The father saw him while he was still a long way off and ran to him. He made himself undignified to rescue and welcome his lost son. He greeted him with a kiss to signal to everyone that he was to come to no harm.

Today our Father God sends his Spirit running towards those who turn towards home as their hearts hear his promise of grace. The prodigal son heard an echo of grace as he reminded himself that even his fathers servants were well treated. He welcomes him in with ‘full family status’ and cuts short his apology. He signals this with the feast, the ring and the robe.

Of course there are many other layers to this story, but for today we’ve concentrated on the picture of God that Jesus paints with his portrayal of the father in this story. Here are some questions you might like to think about:

  • Do you believe in the outrageous grace of God
  • Are you still a long way off. The father and his embrace await you
  • Are you on the firm foundation of awe and wonder at the character of God or leaning on the sand of duty, works or cultural belief
  • Are you a friend of the father, looking to the lost with grace

Be Blessed

Dave Roberts

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