THE BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL CHURCH Next Steps The Next Step is the Most Important One

The Next Step is the Most Important One

“This would have been so good for me a long time ago…”

I heard this more than once after our first Next Steps experience this last Sunday. I hope no one at The Bridge has to wait anymore to take the Next Step on their spiritual journey.

Many people wish they had a closer relationship with Jesus. “I wish I could pray better…”  “I wish I knew what God wants for my life…” These are normal thoughts for any Christian, but what are we going to do about it?

Next Steps is only 4 weeks of your life, but it will help you have a sense of direction. This first Sunday we focused on knowing God more genuinely & taking the action step of proclaiming our faith publicly.

Join us for Next Steps this Sunday when we will focus on growing in the freedom that Christ gives us. We’ll challenge you with the action steps of connecting to the church & small groups as God’s tools for helping us grow.

Wherever you are in your growth as a follower of Jesus, remember that your Next Step is the most important! Focusing on the Next Step is often a less intimidating way to view your Christian life. Picking up the Bible might give you then impression that following Jesus is complicated, but I encourage you to keep it simple. “How can I grow today?” “How could I take a step forward this week?”

Take advantage of every opportunity you have. Don’t wait to say, “This would have been so good for me a long time ago!”

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