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QSunday – Spring 2013

Difficult questions. Life is filled with them. As it comes to matters of faith and the Bible the questions can be compounded in their difficulty and importance. After all, what we believe will guide the way we live. At The Bridge we dedicate a Sunday a few times a year to field and answer questions […]

QSunday – 4 March, 2012

QSunday – 4 March, 2012 Questions, questions. So many good questions! Our QSunday events look to answer questions that come from the congregation on the topic of theology or living life as a Christian. This QSunday Kelly served as host to the event as Todd and J answered questions about views on cremation, sickness, the […]

Q Sunday follow-up

We had a great Q Sunday last week.  Q Sunday is a day where we turn over the content to you.  Questions about life, The Bible, or The Bridge.  Not as much back & forth this time between  Dave, J & I.  It turned out that your questions really filled up the time.  We wanted […]