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More Th>n Conquerors – The Romans Road

“What is the first scripture?” I can hear my youth pastor’s voice in my head recalling him quizzing me about the scriptures of the Romans Road. “Ahhh, Romans.. 3.. 23?” “Very good.” I did not see the importance of knowing a series of scriptures by heart other than to impress other Christians on how ‘holy’ […]

Refresh _4

Technology! A constant struggle in learning, loving, boredom, disdain, and new appreciation as we embrace the endless line of new gadgets and services. The fight to stay aware of the newest popular tech is nearly impossible. The blogosphere is endless in the stream of new releases, rumors, and rants on the new gear. The same […]

End of the World Sunday

“It’s the end of the world as we know it..” “The End is Nigh!”  “The Sky is falling!!” These ‘end of the world’ declarations have been somewhat commonplace in the history of mankind. We often hear of someone saying that “on this date.. the world will end.” In some Christian circles this can also be […]

#SummerOfLove _All We Need is Love

“All we need is love”… the Beatles classic rings out with a message that echoes the words of Jesus. In 1 John 2:5-6 we hear the message again, reminding us to love one another and obey the Lord’s commands. It is in this message that our Summer of Love series has been focused, encouraging us […]

#SummerOfLove _You are to blame

“Shot through the heart and you are to blame, you give love a bad name!!” The Bon Jovi mega-hit echoes the feeling of heartbreak experienced by someone still wrapped in the fresh emotions of the event. As Christians this sentiment triggers a question, “How am I to handle heartbreak?”. Listen. We started off our Summer […]