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Transparent _ Talent

  Closely connected to the idea of time is the talents and abilities we each have. Often is the the “wow” of a person’s abilities that catches attention. Unfortunately it is not the ability that is the downfall for many, but the poor character of the individual. Throughout the Bible we see example after example […]

More Th>n Conquerors – The Romans Road

“What is the first scripture?” I can hear my youth pastor’s voice in my head recalling him quizzing me about the scriptures of the Romans Road. “Ahhh, Romans.. 3.. 23?” “Very good.” I did not see the importance of knowing a series of scriptures by heart other than to impress other Christians on how ‘holy’ […]

Divine Drama – Gideon the Warrior

A guy is sitting by a tree.. a surprisingly simple start to a shocking supernatural story. The story of Gideon is one that we can easily relate to: he is complaining about how hard things are for him and how God is doing nothing about it. To his great surprise, God responds and puts the […]

Divine Drama – Joseph the Dreamer

“Look, here comes the dreamer!” A positive and some might say optimistic title. That is unless it is followed by “come now, let’s kill him”.. coming out of the mouth of your brothers. This past week we picked back up in our series The Divine Drama: God’s plan for humanity threaded through history.We started out […]

QSunday – Spring 2013

Difficult questions. Life is filled with them. As it comes to matters of faith and the Bible the questions can be compounded in their difficulty and importance. After all, what we believe will guide the way we live. At The Bridge we dedicate a Sunday a few times a year to field and answer questions […]

Refresh _4

Technology! A constant struggle in learning, loving, boredom, disdain, and new appreciation as we embrace the endless line of new gadgets and services. The fight to stay aware of the newest popular tech is nearly impossible. The blogosphere is endless in the stream of new releases, rumors, and rants on the new gear. The same […]

Refresh _3

Change for the better. It sounds like such a good idea. Why then is it so difficult?! We have been talking through the book of Colossians as we Refresh our minds in who we are in Christ. Simply put, the challenges in the scriptures we have been looking at are not easy. They take focus. […]

#PrayForParis challenge

Since the first day of 2013 we have been focused in fasting & prayer for spiritual breakthrough. We are praying to see a difference in our lives personally and for the people of our city to know God personally. This challenge is the core of our focus to #PrayForParis. This week we looked at how […]