THE BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL CHURCH Summer of Love #SummerOfLove – Truth in Action

#SummerOfLove – Truth in Action

What is love?

This question for the ages is echoed in every form of art and expression worldwide. The idea and spectrums of the meaning of love are vast and complicated. In an effort to better understand love, what the Bible says about it, and how are are to live love towards others we are starting a new series called “Summer of Love: truth in action”.

This summer at The Bridge we will be taking lyrics from popular songs about love and comparing them to what the Bible says on the matter. Each week we will be highlighting one aspect of love and how we are to live out the truth of the Bible. “What truly is love?” Scripture to consider: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a

Each week we will be encouraging our community to note ways that they see “truth in action”, someone showing love or kindness to another. You can share these events by mentioning them on social media: posting them to our Facebook page or mentioning them on Twitter with the hashtag #SummerOfLove.

Each week we also will be posting suggestions on how to invest in others as a part of our IdentifyInvestInvite initiative. We have been praying for and identifying people who we would like to see come to know Jesus personally. Along with praying for the person we are also investing in our relationships by serving others. At summer’s end we will look to invite those we have been praying for to our Open Doors event. IdentifyInvestInvite helps us to be intensional in sharing God’s love with others.

Let’s be people who embody truth in action during this #SummerOfLove.





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