#SummerOfLove _All We Need is Love

“All we need is love”… the Beatles classic rings out with a message that echoes the words of Jesus. In 1 John 2:5-6 we hear the message again, reminding us to love one another and obey the Lord’s commands. It is in this message that our Summer of Love series has been focused, encouraging us each to be the love of God to others.

In the last two weeks Dave gave us a snapshot of what a Christian community should be like in showing ‘truth in action.” If you missed a message, give it a listen here.

The message of love is core to the life of a Christian. Having experienced Christ’s love and forgiveness of sin, we are now His followers, representatives of his love to others. It is to this high calling that we strive; loving God and loving others.

As summer turns to autumn and the sunshine fades let us not lose the focus of the Summer of Love, making a choice to love.  Come what may “I choose to love!”

It is my prayer for you as well.



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