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Faith that doesn’t waver

I had some thoughts last week from Day 10 of the Awakening Devotional that I’d like to share.
(see 9 January post below for explanation of the Awakening journey & some resources)

James 1:6 (take a moment to read it) says we should ask of God and not waver in our faith that He is for us. Here is a quote from Day 10 of the devotional:

“There can be a natural tendency to shrink back when praying for the seemingly impossible, but we must remember that nothing is impossible with God. If we know the promises that God has given us, and understand His character and the principles by which He works, we can pray with confidence and trust Him for the answer.”

The reality is that God is one our side, and the author points out that faith and “waivering” are totally opposite reactions. Are you nervous when you pray for “big” things?  Don’t be. God loves you & has an incredible plan for your life. You can trust Him.

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