Divine Drama – Daniel the Prophet

DivineDramaYour city is in shambles. Your people have been enslaved. You have been carried off to a far away land. However, you caught a break.. as you now serve in the court of the King. The story of Daniel and his friends is one that reverberates with amazing levels of faith and determination. Repetitively the key protagonists stare death in the face and choose to trust in God.. whether He saves them or not. Of course the miracle stories tell of how God shows up and dramatically shows Himself to be with them. God shows his favor, provides wisdom and strength, saves men from the fire and closes the lions’ mouths.

This past week, Dave shared about how the book of Daniel ties into the Divine Drama, showing the faithfulness of God even in a time of judgment on Israel.

The book of Daniel shows him to be four things:

  • The Prophet of the Apocalypse
  • The Prophet of the Messiah
  • The Prophet of Faithfulness
  • The Prophet of Integrity

In these four areas Daniel gives us insight into the Kingdom of God; his plan for humanity and his abounding love to see us in relationship with Him. Through Daniel we better understand how God shows love during hardship by foretelling of the coming Messiah who would repair mankind’s brokenness.

What have you learned from Daniel? 

Like Daniel, let’s be people of faith and resolve no matter what comes.



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