BridgeKids welcomes all kids 6-12 years of age! (Children will move into BridgeKids from BridgeKids Junior when they are promoted to primary school from maternelle.)

Our BridgeKids program starts with check-in, which opens 10 minutes before the service begins. Children will be checked in by a parent and supervised by trained volunteers throughout the program.

In each class our staff actively discusses a Biblical topic with the students, involving them in activities that teach teamwork and critical thinking. At BridgeKids, kids don’t just sit and listen to a story – they sing songs, play games, and make new friends each week! Children will be given a take home page with activities relating to the lesson and Scripture to memorise and recite the following week.

Each week in BridgeKids, your child will engage in a high-energy time of worship, relevant activities to the Bible lesson, and application of Bible stories to their lives. We can’t wait to spend time with your kids!

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