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Gather for Prayer during this 21 Day Focus

If you have not already, take time to read the 9 January post below for all the details on our 21 Day Focus on Prayer, Bible reading & Fasting. We encourage you to join with others from The Bridge or other Christians you live near or work with for special times of prayer.  A 30 […]

Spiritual Gifts: Prophetic, Priestly & Kingly

As we concluded our “All In” series about discovering our spiritual gifts, someone asked me about the categories we used to break down spiritual gifts, so I’d like to post them for you below.  If you have not taken our Spiritual Gifts Discovery Assessment, you can do so by clicking here.  It’s a simple tool […]

Transparent _ Time

How do you view time?  A tough question to answer in how each of us spend our lives. Our series Transparent takes a look at how we utilize four aspects of our lives; time, talent, treasure and testimony. As Christ-followers we are called to be stewards of our lives, caring for the blessings that God […]

Divine Drama – Joseph the Dreamer

“Look, here comes the dreamer!” A positive and some might say optimistic title. That is unless it is followed by “come now, let’s kill him”.. coming out of the mouth of your brothers. This past week we picked back up in our series The Divine Drama: God’s plan for humanity threaded through history.We started out […]

Refresh _4

Technology! A constant struggle in learning, loving, boredom, disdain, and new appreciation as we embrace the endless line of new gadgets and services. The fight to stay aware of the newest popular tech is nearly impossible. The blogosphere is endless in the stream of new releases, rumors, and rants on the new gear. The same […]