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#SummerOfLove _All We Need is Love

“All we need is love”… the Beatles classic rings out with a message that echoes the words of Jesus. In 1 John 2:5-6 we hear the message again, reminding us to love one another and obey the Lord’s commands. It is in this message that our Summer of Love series has been focused, encouraging us […]

#SummerOfLove _You are to blame

“Shot through the heart and you are to blame, you give love a bad name!!” The Bon Jovi mega-hit echoes the feeling of heartbreak experienced by someone still wrapped in the fresh emotions of the event. As Christians this sentiment triggers a question, “How am I to handle heartbreak?”. Listen. We started off our Summer […]

Greetings from Texas

Hello everyone at The Bridge.  My family is in Amarillo, Texas this weekend in the United States, but we’re thinking about you all as you begin the “Summer of Love” series.  Here’s a little video greeting with some thoughts about the transformation that love brings about in our lives– as part of the Christian community […]