Category: Divine Drama

Divine Drama – Daniel the Prophet

Your city is in shambles. Your people have been enslaved. You have been carried off to a far away land. However, you caught a break.. as you now serve in the court of the King. The story of Daniel and his friends is one that reverberates with amazing levels of faith and determination. Repetitively the […]

Divine Drama – Jonah the Prophet

Thrown overboard, swallowed by a fish and vomited up on shore.. a great way to start a new ministry opportunity. The story of Jonah strikes us as a significant story to teach us about God’s divine will and our participation in it. It also shows us the great lengths by which God will go to […]

Divine Drama – Gideon the Warrior

A guy is sitting by a tree.. a surprisingly simple start to a shocking supernatural story. The story of Gideon is one that we can easily relate to: he is complaining about how hard things are for him and how God is doing nothing about it. To his great surprise, God responds and puts the […]

Divine Drama – Joseph the Dreamer

“Look, here comes the dreamer!” A positive and some might say optimistic title. That is unless it is followed by “come now, let’s kill him”.. coming out of the mouth of your brothers. This past week we picked back up in our series The Divine Drama: God’s plan for humanity threaded through history.We started out […]