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Bible Reading App and Website

Many people have asked me for the links to the Bible reading app I’ve mentioned  on Sundays.  Here you go:

To download a mobile app, go to:

or from your mobile device, go to:

The thing that makes this tool so perfect for our international church community, is that you can pick any language you like!  Also there are terrific Bible reading plans that will pace yourself through systematic Bible reading.  You can even sync your reading between your computer and your mobile device.

For your information, here is the plan I’m currently using: 

You can find one that fits you though–

The most important thing is to find tools that will help your spiritual life.  I challenge each of you to have “devotion” time (time alone when you pray and read the Bible) 5 days out of every week.  This is a life long habit that will change you forever!

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