21 Days of Prayer

As we begin our series “Shift,” we focus on going from where we have been to where God would have us go next.

Would you join us for 21 days of prayer from 4 September to 25 September about these shifts?

  1. Shifts in YOUR life to take you where God can use you.
  2. Shifts in OTHERS’ lives (1-2 people in your life) for God to draw them close to Him.

As touch points, please be in prayer first for the Open Doors weekend of 24-25 September (Family Movie Night on Saturday for the entire community, and an International Celebration on Sunday morning with an “Open House” feel for guests). Second, please pray for the new Life Groups and all the leaders who are preparing for this new season (Alpha– exploring the big questions of Life; Learning to Follow Jesus– moving down the road of discipleship; and many more!).

Here are some helpful resources to explore both prayer and fasting (which is always great to combine with focused times of prayer!):

Pray First (A Personal Prayer Guide) (Church of the Highlands)

Guide to Fasting (to combine with your times of prayer)

Extensive article on prayer & fasting from Bill Bright (Cru/Agape)

Here are several possible devotional plans to use these 21 days:

Pray Like Jesus (Bible.com/YouVersion Bible app)

21 Day Fast (Bible.com/YouVersion Bible app)

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