Vision & Values

This past week we took a look at the Vision & Values of The Bridge; who we believe we are in Christ, where we see God leading our community, and what values guide us towards the future. (Listen)

We see ourselves as a diverse cultural community, an international, English-speaking, interdenominational church made of people from various religious and non-religious backgrounds. We represent 40+ countries of the world coming together to worship God. We believe this is what heaven will look like, with people from every tribe and every tongue.

The vision of the Bridge is centered in reaching others with the message of the gospel. This includes a growing culturally diverse community, future church planting, development of cultural and language based congregations, partnership with other churches, and the creation of a ministry center. (More)

The values that guide us are also based in our relationship with God: Discover, Experience, Relate, Grow. DERG.

It is through these four areas that we see our lives both personally and as a community continually challenged in becoming more like Christ.

We are praying and believing for spiritual breakthrough; in our lives, in our church, and in the lives of those in greater Paris and beyond. We are praying to see the vision that God has given us become a reality.

We ask that you pray with us.

The questions for each of us then remain: “What future am I praying for?” “What values am I living by?”

How will you answer?





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