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The Promise _ An Advent series

December 1, 2012 1 Comment by admin

The Advent season – the arrival of Jesus to Earth – is always a special time of year. The celebrations, time spent with family, and reflection on the gift of Christ to mankind mark the tangible wonder experienced at Christmas. As a part of this reflection, we look in to the scriptures to see what the importance of the Messiah means, and how the promise of a savior brings hope to those who hear it.

From ancient days the prophets foretold of a savior who would make all things right. One who would bring freedom and reconnect mankind back to God. It is this process of Foretelling, Anticipation, Arrival, Revelation, and Celebration that we seek to better understand and reflect on.

The Promise is just that, the hope of the savior – Jesus. Today we experience his love and grace, forgiveness and comfort, joy and peace. We see the promise for a Messiah realized in Christ – God keeping His word.

Like the star that directed the Magi, we are directed to the manger scene to embrace a savior that came in a way we could understand – human form. The manger connects us to the further promise of the cross, a symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice and fulfillment. It is in these three images we remember this advent season: the star, the manger, the cross.

During this busy season full of lights, parties, shopping, gifts, and singing – let’s not forget The Promise that marks the reason we celebrate. The Messiah. Jesus. Emmanuel. God with us.

Merry Christmas!


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