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SurvivingThe7DeadlySins: Greed

Greed. What do we need to say about greed? It nearly bankrupted the entire fiscal system worldwide, causes harm to people in its pursuit, and destroys trust. So why then do we constantly fight against the idea that ‘greed is good’ inside ourselves? There are a few things that come to mind: Marketing. We are […]

SurvivingThe7DeadlySins: Wrath

Wrath. Even the word is scary. It promotes images of chaos and terror, destruction and warfare. Not exactly a day-to-day problem for the average citizen of Paris, France. However, the path and emotions that lead to wrath start in a place that everyone can connect to: Anger. Anger turns to hate and bitterness if left […]

Surviving the 7 Deadly Sins

“You are going to talk about what?” ¬†Surviving the Seven Deadly Sins. A first thought, the idea of focusing a new sermon series on ‘deadly sins’ is not that appealing. Not in the ‘avoiding difficult topics’ or ‘hard to explain’ categories but in the ‘this is very negative’ sense. That is why is ‘Surviving’ and […]