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Awakening Begins- All you need to know here

Hello friends, I am so excited about our 21 day Awakening journey in devotions, prayer & fasting! In short join us in changing your routine for 21 days to set the tone for 2016. Taking attention off ourselves & placing it on God will be so rewarding! One of the key points we are emphasizing […]

Awakening Prayer & Fasting 2016

I want to invite you to join us for a 21-day journey of prayer, personal devotions & fasting. From 10-31 January we will focus on our spiritual lives, putting God first (listen to the podcast from Sunday!). Jesus’ teaching clearly recommends fasting for his followers. It is the practice of denying oneself food (or in […]

Awakening 2014

Join us for a 21-day journey of Bible reading, prayer & fasting! We have a guide here to help you get started.  It discusses prayer, fasting and personal devotions. Download this Awakening guide here Then to help you with personal devotions for these 21 days, you can dowload this devotional guide which has several scripture […]