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Status Update

With nearly a billion people on Facebook alone, social network sites have become the norm for keeping people connected and sharing the happenings of our everyday lives. However, there can be a disconnect between who we are and our digital selves. Status Update is a look at our identity- who we are, what motivates us, […]

What’s on your mind?

Dave shared this last weekend (listen here) about what Jesus might post as his Status Updates if he were a Facebook friend. What if you could have a running log of what your attention is on through the day? Would it look like a bowl of spaghetti? Would there be order & logic? How much […]

21 Day Challenge– Finding our Purpose through Prayer

This last Sunday I started our series called “Status Update” about finding God’s purpose in life.  What Drives You?  Is it something like guilt, anger, fear or the desire for wealth or approval?  All things things can distract us from God’s love & plan for our lives. When we find God’s purpose for our lives […]

Personal Daily Interaction with God and His Word

Greetings in this New Year 2012! We had a wonderful celebration on Sunday, January 1 at The Bridge. We started out with a practical life application – journaling Here are some resources for journaling: http://lifejournal.cc/ http://www.enewhope.org/firststeps/journaling/ http://www.youversion.com/reading-plans/life-journal-reading-plan http://examen.me/ Let’s set our goals for reading God’s Word and journaling this year and, at the end of […]

Q Sunday follow-up

We had a great Q Sunday last week.  Q Sunday is a day where we turn over the content to you.  Questions about life, The Bible, or The Bridge.  Not as much back & forth this time between  Dave, J & I.  It turned out that your questions really filled up the time.  We wanted […]

Open Doors

Thinking back to the first months after moving to Paris, I remember many conflicting ideas of wonder, fear, excitement, confusion, and misunderstanding. Knowing this happens to many expats who move to the City if Lights, it is our heart to provide an opportunity to get connected to a community of faith- The Bridge. In this […]

Bible Reading App and Website

Many people have asked me for the links to the Bible reading app I’ve mentioned  on Sundays.  Here you go: www.youversion.com To download a mobile app, go to: http://www.youversion.com/mobile or from your mobile device, go to: www.youversion.com/download The thing that makes this tool so perfect for our international church community, is that you can pick any language […]

The Good Samaritan

I love how Jesus used stories to convey the truth he was teaching. Living in a world of sound bits and video clips, a compelling narrative still shines through etching itself in memory. Jesus put handles on the truth, helping people to remember the lessons learned by recalling the storyline. No example of this is […]