SurvivingThe7DeadlySins: Wrath

Wrath. Even the word is scary. It promotes images of chaos and terror, destruction and warfare. Not exactly a day-to-day problem for the average citizen of Paris, France. However, the path and emotions that lead to wrath start in a place that everyone can connect to: Anger.

Anger turns to hate and bitterness if left unchecked. Under pressure, we see hate become wrath – an uncontrolable monster that destroys the relationships in our lives. Hate fights directly against love; something we saw is directly connected to God and how we should treat others. (SummerOfLove)

The process then is to ask forgiveness of our anger, ridding ourselves of our hate by giving it to God.

But how do I survive it happening again? What are you focusing on?

We saw how focusing instead on the Fruit of the Spirit can change our perspectives positively.

instead of anger, focus on:

  • Love. Turn your cheek (Matthew 5:38-42). Love your enemy Matthew 5:43-44).
  • Joy. Your joy will be complete (John 15:9-11). Righteous Joy (Psalm 97:11)
  • Jesus. He is our salvation and Lord (John 3:16-17)

As we focus away from anger we will survive the wrath that tries to crash us.

What are you focusing on?




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