QSunday – Spring 2013

QSundayDifficult questions. Life is filled with them. As it comes to matters of faith and the Bible the questions can be compounded in their difficulty and importance. After all, what we believe will guide the way we live.

At The Bridge we dedicate a Sunday a few times a year to field and answer questions from our community about the Christian life, the Bible, or even the way we function as a church. Sometimes it takes a bit of prying to get people to ask questions they have been thinking about. This time the questions came quick and with true earnestness. They were not easy. Some were very controversial.

As we look to the scriptures to answer questions we always pray and ask God to reveal to us what he is saying and how we are to convey the answers. The truth hinges in this: the answers are not simply in what the pastors answer on QSunday, but also how God confirms the answers given as you go back over the scripture to review what was said. 

It is one of our four core values: Grow.

Let’s be people who are students of the Bible and doers of his good work.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.



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