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Parables of Jesus– Stories to live by

Jesus was a master storyteller. Incredible images came from his teaching. He had the ability to take something so simple that his audience understood from their everyday lives, and bring deep spiritual truth out of it.  A parable is a story where central, driving spiritual truths are communicated through through the natural world around us.

Planting seeds, taking care of sheep, riches and poverty, fathers and sons, wedding feasts and even common prejudices. For instance who would have expected him to explain the love of one’s neighbor through someone from a country that no one liked? How could the richness of the kingdom of heaven be illuminated in a simple coin or a single pearl?

We will look at a different story each week and ask, “What does this mean today?”  The images today are not always so clear. We will transport together back to 1st century Palestine and unfold the stories as they impact our lives today. Join us each Sunday or catch the podcast (see Messages page) if you’re out of town!  Dave gets us started this Sunday with the “prodigal son,” a fascinating with many different layers– a loving father, a foolish son, a jealous brother… don’t miss it!


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