Open Doors

” Moving to Paris is overwhelming!” – A comment from a woman new to Paris at our Open Doors event.

One of the highlights of our annual calendar is the return of people back to Paris in September. The Rentre season marks a fresh start for many: new jobs, schools, or projects at work. It is a time where we focus energy on connecting to new people moving to Paris, and reconnecting to families returning from holiday.

Open Doors marks an day for The Bridge where we hold a special event, kicking-off our autumn semester of Life Groups and giving visitors a snapshot of who we are and what we are about as a community. We have special events and games for children and giveaways for adults. Our focus is to connect with each other, and to include new people into our faith community.

We know that a new season brings about change. For many change is not easy.

This Open Doors we looked at the scriptures to Jesus inviting us to a relationship with Him. We saw how through his teachings he showed everyone there is a place for them (Luke 14:21-24). We also saw how God has plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11) and a future. He opens doors and directs us as we seek Him. God works all things for good for his people (Romans 8:28) and reminds us of his unending love.

It is this message of hope that draws us together as a community. People from across the world worshipping God together.

It is our prayer that many new people find a home in our community, and more importantly a personal relationship with God through Jesus. There is a place for you.

God is opening doors. What doors do you need to have opened?



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