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Technology! A constant struggle in learning, loving, boredom, disdain, and new appreciation as we embrace the endless line of new gadgets and services. The fight to stay aware of the newest popular tech is nearly impossible. The blogosphere is endless in the stream of new releases, rumors, and rants on the new gear. The same […]

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Change for the better. It sounds like such a good idea. Why then is it so difficult?! We have been talking through the book of Colossians as we Refresh our minds in who we are in Christ. Simply put, the challenges in the scriptures we have been looking at are not easy. They take focus. […]

Refresh _2

“I love technology!” A statement that is both a blessing and a curse. For those who are early adopters, the newest version has bugs. For those who are in the bell curve and beyond, you get used to using a piece of tech just before they update it. The cycle is endless. Similarly, we know […]

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Our lives today are filled with technology, from the phone in our pocket to our web interfaces for work and media. Undoubtably, each one of us knows the value of the refresh button. A refresh loads the new information, showing us the most updated version. If we let something sit too long, it needs a […]