THE BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL CHURCH Awakening Awakening Begins- All you need to know here

Awakening Begins- All you need to know here

Hello friends, I am so excited about our 21 day Awakening journey in devotions, prayer & fasting! In short join us in changing your routine for 21 days to set the tone for 2016. Taking attention off ourselves & placing it on God will be so rewarding!

One of the key points we are emphasizing this year is to find a prayer partner for these 21 days. See some Prayer Partners guidelines from Suzanne by click on the link.

Essential Resources for Awakening:

Awakening Guide (General help for Devotions, Prayer & Fasting)

Fasting Frequently Asked Questions about Fasting

Awakening Devotions 2016 (use this each day for 21 days!)


If you’d like some more in-depth Bible reading, I highly recommend choosing a reading plan at

Bible App download for your mobile device (syncs your reading plan with your phone & computer)

Kids Bible App for mobile devices (visual storytelling for younger children)

(Don’t miss our How to Explain Fasting to Kids PDF from the post below)

My prayer is that God will draw your heart closer to Him than every before this month.  Feel free to share your stories of what God is doing, or ask any questions by commenting here or emailing

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