Author: Suzanne

Praying with a Partner

During our 21 days of fasting and prayer, I encourage you to join in prayer with a partner. You will be motivated to keep on praying if every day you meet with your partner in person, by Skype or on the phone. Here are some guidelines we have developed to help you: prayer-partners-guidelines “I also […]

Prayer Partnering

What an encouraging experience it is to have a daily prayer partner during our 21-day Prayer and Fasting time! Actually, I have the joy of having three partners in prayer. I just want you to know that it’s not too late to start praying with another person for this time we have set aside. If […]

Redeeming Singleness

Christianity affirms singleness as a distinctive calling and gift within the community of God’s people. Singleness holds a theological significance for each one of us, married or single, within the Church. Here are some excellent resources for our understanding of a biblical perspective on both singleness and marriage: A Biblical Theology of Singleness by Barry […]

Personal Daily Interaction with God and His Word

Greetings in this New Year 2012! We had a wonderful celebration on Sunday, January 1 at The Bridge. We started out with a practical life application – journaling Here are some resources for journaling: Let’s set our goals for reading God’s Word and journaling this year and, at the end of […]