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Thinking back to the first months after moving to Paris, I remember many conflicting ideas of wonder, fear, excitement, confusion, and misunderstanding. Knowing this happens to many expats who move to the City if Lights, it is our heart to provide an opportunity to get connected to a community of faith- The Bridge. In this idea, we took a look at Jesus’ parable about the Great Banquet and what is says about living a life with Christ.

The Banquet

Jesus often was sharing life with people over a meal. Many of his teaching times came from this setting. While at the home of a Pharisee, Jesus shared the story found in Luke 14. We remember some key take-aways from this parable.

Jesus invites us to share life with Him

The host from Jesus’ story shows the heart of God, Inviting us to the banquet- representing the Kingdom of God. The banquet is not just our temporal life, but also our eternal life with God.

Excuses, excuses

The story quickly moves to guests making excuses why they can not attend. We are reminded of the old saying “Excuses are like armpits…everyone has two and they usually stink!” it is true that our lives today are very busy. The problem becomes pushing our time with God aside in our busyness. When Jesus is not a priority, we make excuses why we can’t spend time with Him

It is our challenge to keep our relationship with God at the center of our lives.

Go out into the streets

The host of the banquet tells his servants to go out into the streets to invite people. This reflects the how Christ came for all people- extending an invitation to all. We see the open doors clearly:  Jesus loves beyond class, race, or origin.

Christ opens the doors to everyone

We see the parable of the banquet as Christ’s love for people. He invites us to a life ith Him.

What will you do with His invitation?

And the servant said,
Master, it is done as you commanded,
and still there is room.

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